Welcome to the THE, at the heart of a data-led revolution

Lots of industries and professions claim to be global. But few have evolved into truly international concerns as comprehensively as higher education. Millions of students now travel around the world to study at the university that promises to transform their lives; academics seek out new collaborations across continents; and universities compete globally for talent at the undergraduate, postgraduate, academic and leadership level.

The global higher education landscape is changing. THE is evolving too, developing a collaborative approach to help universities flourish as they navigate challenging terrain.

How are we doing this? By harnessing data at both the global and local level to enable meaningful measurement, insight and benchmarking of institutional performance; by providing the most respected news and analysis of global higher education issues and trends; by facilitating discussion, engagement and networking among those leading and working in universities; and by helping to make crucial matches between institutions, faculty, senior leaders and students.